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Renters Insurance in Florida

Having renters insurance in Fort Myers, Florida can help protect your belongings from theft and damage, pay medical bills if a guest is hurt in your residence, and cover liability expenses if you’re involved in a lawsuit. 

Renters Insurance in Florida

Fort Myers renters insurance provides coverage for your personal belongings, whether they are in your home, car or with you while you’re on vacation. Additionally, renter’s insurance provides liability coverage in case someone is harmed in your rental or if you accidentally cause harm to someone else.


Is Renter’s Insurance In Fort Myers, FL A Smart Investment?

If you rent your home, much of the responsibility of maintaining the property falls to your landlord. This includes insurance for the structure itself, but the landlord’s insurance coverage doesn’t extend to a renter’s personal possessions. 

If a disaster such as a storm or fire struck your home, the landlord’s insurance would pay for building repairs, but if you want coverage for your possessions, you’ll want renters insurance.

Because renters insurance is typically inexpensive, it’s a very wise investment, especially when you consider the alternative, which would be paying out of pocket to replace everything in your home that could be damaged. A landlord’s insurance policy won’t pay for your living costs while the building is being repaired, but renters insurance in Fort Myers Florida will pay for temporary housing.

What Is Covered With Renters Insurance In Fort Myers, FL?

You And Your Family

Additional living expenses coverage:

Helps pay for increased living costs if a covered loss makes your residence uninhabitable. Such expenses typically include food, a temporary place to live and more. 

Your Property

Personal Property Protection: Helps protect your valuables, such as furniture, electronics, clothes, and more. When getting a renters insurance quote from Cathy Sink Agency, you are covered for full replacement when a minimum coverage of $15,000 is purchased. 

Medical Payments

Other Person: Guest medical coverage can help pay for necessary and reasonable medical expenses if someone is injured in an accident at your residence. Family liability protection helps protect you from financial loss if you are legally obligated to pay for someone’s injuries or damage to another person’s property.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Theft?

If your renters insurance policy includes coverage for personal property, it may help pay to replace stolen items. This coverage typically protects items that have been stolen after a break-in at your property, or even items stolen outside of your residence. 

For example, if your personal property (such as a laptop computer) is stolen from your car, the personal property coverage in your renters insurance policy may help pay to replace it.

Insurance protection for theft

Who Needs Renters Insurance In Fort Myers Florida?

While it’s usually your call, some landlords will require you to have renters insurance before you sign a lease, or to purchase it within a certain time period. If renters insurance is optional, ask yourself if you can afford to replace all of your possessions if they were damaged, destroyed, or lost. If your answer is no, renters insurance is a smart buy.

What Are Some Ways To Save On Renters Insurance?

Bundling: Looking for a renter’s insurance quote with discounts? We can help! Bundle your auto insurance with us for an even greater savings. Our goal is to apply all the credits, and discounts to save you the most money possible. And if your apartment has smoke detectors, deadbolt locks, and a security system, additional discounts may apply.

Deductible: If you’re looking for additional ways to save money, you may want to consider increasing your deductible, which is the amount that will be deducted from your insurance claim check for a property loss. When deciding on what your deductible amount should be, ask yourself how much you can afford to pay out of pocket in the event of a disaster.

Inventory:  It’s important to take an inventory of what your belongings are worth. The answer will help you decide how much renters insurance coverage you need. Creating an inventory before a problem occurs is fundamental to getting the claim money you’re entitled to. 

Make a record of each item you own along with its worth and identifying information, such as a serial number. Include everything you own on your list including such items as appliances, towels and bedding and kitchen utensils.

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