Dear Clients,

If you are in a Flood Hazard Area and have flood insurance, this message is not for you. If you do not have flood insurance because you were told you were in a safe, Preferred Flood Zone Area and did not need it, please consider the following:

The National Flood Insurance Program reports that 28% of flood claims are not in “Flood Hazard Areas,” meaning they occur in areas that are considered to be safe based on the likelihood of a flood. Why would this happen?

  • Because a flood claim does not always occur from a hurricane surge that floods low lying areas.
  • A flood claim can also occur because of a torrential downpour, clogged up street drains or pools or lakes that overflow.

These types of claims are not covered under your homeowner policy, but they would be covered under a flood policy, and because you are in a preferred flood zone, the rates are very affordable. You can buy a preferred flood policy for as little as $129 a year.

We are in the rainy, hurricane season and the National Flood program requires a 30 day wait from the time we start coverage for you so please respond to this email if you would like us to get this coverage in place.

Cathy Sink