When disaster strikes having an inventory of your personal property can help save you time and money. Let’s be honest, remembering the specific make, model, and value of all the things we own is hard to do without having a well-kept inventory on hand. The digital locker app makes the process as easy as snapping some photos, with the ability to save these details in your personal account. “Performing a home inventory is one of the best ways to have an up-to-date record of what you own, which can make filing a claim easier and help ensure you don’t forget anything.”(http://blog.allstate.com/hurricane-preparedness-checklist-step-2-do-a-home-inventory/, 2009).

Digital locker is a secure site that lets property owners create a digital account of their property, and share it with their agent if they choose. Agents can use this information to be able to customize, and tailor the personal property amount to owners so that they have the right amount of coverage without over paying. The program is secure, and easy to use. Consider it a good first step to preparedness before the up-coming hurricane season.

Download the app for Iphone or Android, or go to https://www.digitallocker.com/sign-up to get started for free. If you prefer to download a printable home inventory checklist visit http://blog.allstate.com/moving-guide-printable-home-inventory-checklist/