Our Team

These are the people responsible for making Cathy Sink Agency such a dynamic, friendly & inviting place. These people are commited to making sure all clients are treated well on every interaction. Our desire is to provide clients with the coverages they need for the best available price; ensuring each person will have adequate protection from one of the strongest insurance companies in the market. At Cathy Sink Agency we are proud to be “An Insurance Agency You Can Trust!”

Brandon Collier

Business Development

Hi, my name is Brandon. I am in charge of marketing functions for the agency. I currently hold my 440 Property & Casualty license. I began working for Cathy Sink Agency in 2007. Some of my previous work experience includes working as an engineering technician for a firm in Fort Myers. I worked there for 2 years. I am most proud of being able to watch this agency grow, and having a loving family. Thanks for getting to know me!

My Favorite Things:

Activity: Fishing and boating. City: Fort Myers Beach Food: Fresh caught fried fish fillets. Movie: Braveheart Hollywood Actor: Russel Crowe Non-Profit: Compassion International

Janet Hernandez

Licensed Sales Producer

Hello My name is Janet and I proudly started working for Cathy Sink Agency in November,

I was born in Los Angeles CA, and relocated to Key West FL. I am currently in the Fort Myers area. I am a hardworking, loving mother of 3 beautiful babies. I have 2 girls and a boy. I started dating my childhood sweetheart after 10 years of us going our own separate ways. We were reunited again, and he blessed me with 3 more step babies. We are a Brady Bunch family. On my spare time I enjoy going to the beach and camping out, telling stories, volunteering to help those families in need, and just spending time with the family God has blessed me with. Some people may call it chaos but we call it FAMILY!

Lindsay Blackwelder

Licensed Sales Producer

Hi, my name is Lindsay Blackwelder I work as a Licensed Sales Producer, and currently hold my 4-40 Property and Casualty License. I began working for Cathy Sink Agency in 2013. Some of my previous work experiences include working as a Customer Service Manager for Michaels. I worked there for 3 years. I am most proud of being able to help clients protect themselves and their families. Thanks for getting to know me!

My Favorite Things:

Activity: Spending time with Family and Friends Place: North Carolina Food: Lasagna Movie: The Mummy Hollywood Actor: Brendan Frasier

Justin Brown

Licensed Sales Producer

Hello, my name is Justin Brown. I started with the Cathy Sink Agency February of 2017. I am a Licensed Sales Producer and currently hold my 440 with the state of Florida. I have a history in Customer Service and Accounting. Helping people is my true passion. I recently moved to Florida this year from Madison Wisconsin and have two small dogs who are very spoiled. Thank you for getting to know me and I look forward to helping you with your insurance needs!

My Favorite Things:

Activity: Being outdoors and spending time with good friends and family. City: New Delhi India. I recently went to India for a wedding and fell in love with the culture and sights. I can’t wait to go back and see it all again. Food: I love Mexican and Italian food! Movie: My favorite movie currently is anything Marvel. I am a huge action and super hero movie fan. Hollywood Actor: Ryan Reynolds- He is just hilarious! Non-Profit: The Alzheimer’s Association and Habitat for Humanity.

Danica Groves

Licensed Sales Producer

Hi, my name is Danica Groves I started working with the Cathy Sink Agency in 2017. I am the Customer Service Representative for Cathy’s office in North Venice. I have many years of Customer Service experience, and find it very easy to connect with our customers. I am most proud of my sweet daughter Ava, and getting the opportunity to grow with this agency.  Thanks for getting to know me!

Some of my Favorite Things:

Activity: Going for walks on the beach, watching Netflix.
City: Bangladesh
Food: Anything to do with CHEESE
Movie: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Hollywood Actor: Natalie Portman

Bryan Long

Mailroom Technician

Hi, my name is Bryan Long. I work as a Mail Room Technician, I began working for Cathy Sink Agency in May, 2017. Some of my previous work experiences includes Bartending for Mastellos Restaurant in Ft. Myers. I am also most proud of getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Design & Graphics from Hodges university in 2015.  Thanks for getting to know me!

My Favorite Things:
Watching Reality Television
City: Key West, Florida
Food: Veal Milanese
Movie: Pink Floyd, “The Wall”
Hollywood Actor: Jennifer Aniston
Non-Profit: Gulf Coast Humane Society, Ft. Myers, Florida

Lori Spratlin

Marketing Specialist

Hi, my name is Lori Spratlin.  I work as a marketing specialist for Cathy Sink Agency and I am delighted to be the one who gets to mingle among her  exceptional clientele.  While delivering our gifts and referral rewards , I have the honor of availing our outstanding suppelemental benefits packages to businesses throughout Hendry, Lee ,Collier, Charlotte and Sarasota counties. Some of my previous work experiences include working as a Membership Recruiter Trainer for Nielsen Television Ratings.  I am most proud of  having broken the entire company’s sign record for their entire 52 years of business and for being chosen to travel the states weekly to teach other reps to achieve some of the goals I was able to meet.  I am actually one of Cathy Sinks content clients who wanted to represent an agency that has helped our portfolio on many levels.  Thanks for getting to know me!
My Favorite Things:  I graciously enjoy People , right where they are!
Activity: Energy Healing modalities /sessions City: Madrid, Spain  Food: Organics and vegetarian everything Movie: we enjoyed the Shack and Hope Springs  Saying:  this rule of thumb has found its way to me and I have adopted it as my own to ask these three questions:  Is it true? Is it Necessary? Is it kind?  If I can’t answer with three resounding YES then I need to reconsider my position and comment. Non-Profit: (non-profit or charity). Stephen C Everett Ministries , he is our close friend and Spiritual Father figure.


Personal Financial Representative

It starts with a conversation. I help Allstate customers to prepare their finances, discuss their will or trust and help them to have a successful retirement. Together we review existing investments, annuities, life insurance and accounts. We discuss their feelings on risk and seek to establish a custom portfolio that fits them best. I am a Certified Financial Planner and I am held to a high Fiduciary standard for customers.
Financial success is a worthy goal. I can help with the training so you can experience the accomplishment of these financial goals.


The driving force of our agency’s success is a result of the years of experience, and wisdom of our management. These people work very hard every day to make sure the processes in place are adhered to in order to achieve our goals. If you want to be truly impressed, stop in and say hi to our management.

Hetty McGee

Sky Walk Agency Manager

Hi, my name is Hetty McGee. I work as Agency Manager and currently hold my 220 license. I began working with the Cathy Sink Agency in 2008. My previous work experience for 20 years includes the housing industry, sales, floor plan and interior design. I managed a beautiful 16 home Design Center with 12 employees, worked closely with engineering and set up of fully furnished homes. I am most proud of my working relationship with folks that were buying their first or last home of their life. Going through all the emotions of designing their home to make it their own. My compassion for people and their trust in me is more than a person can ask for. I extend my work ethics into the insurance industry, excelling in knowledge and products to assist all of our clients and future clients. I want to get you the best product and coverage that is affordable to you and your family. Thank you for getting to know me. I look forward to serving you now and the years to come. Please let me assist you with your auto, home, life and retirement options.

My Favorite Things:

Activity: Being with Family/Friends, Boating and Fishing
City: Fort Myers Beach and Plant City Florida (Home of the Strawberry Festival) and best strawberries!
Movies: I have several movie favorites
Hollywood Actors: Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie

Jenna Blackwelder

Licensed Sales Producer

Hi, my name is Jenna. I work as a licensed sales producer, and currently hold my 4-40 Property and Casualty License. I began working for Cathy Sink agency in 2016. Some of my previous work experiences includes working as a Location Manager for Aramark at FGCU. I worked there for 2 years. I am most proud of being able to help our customers understand why their insurance is important and what it covers. Thanks for getting to know me!

My Favorite Things:

Activity: Spending time with Family and Friends. Place: North Carolina Food: Mac N’ Cheese Movie: Jurassic Park Book: Raptor Red

Cassandra Sink

Palm Beach Office Agency Manager

Hello! My name is Cassandra Sink. I work as a licensed sales associate and currently hold my 4-40 license. I began working for Cathy Sink Agency just this year! (2015) I’m a newlywed and recently moved back to Florida with my husband after living in Tennessee for a few years. I’m enjoying the insurance world and learning the family business! I’m most proud of my sweet husband, my adorable puppy, and getting to be a part of this wonderful, successful agency.

My Favorite Things:

Activity: Doing fun things surrounded by my favorite people
City: Santorini, Greece is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I hope someday I can experience it again! Food: Mozzarella sticks. Or basically anything involving cheese. Movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I can recite every line. Hollywood Actor:Leonardo DiCaprio – give him his Oscar already! Non-Profit: Doctors Without Borders, Alzheimer’s Association, Wounded Warrior’s Project

Richard Plummer

Hi, my name is Richard Dean Plummer II. I work as the Operations Manager, & Personal Financial Representative for the Cathy Sink Agency. I currently carry my 220 (General Lines), 215 (Life, Health and Variable Annuities), 520 (Independent Claims Adjuster) license as well as my Series 6. I began working for Cathy Sink Agency in 2012 but have been with Allstate since 2008. Some of my previous work experiences includes working in Sales for Hilton Hotels and I was also a Visual Ensemble Instructor for many local high schools. I am most proud of continued success in the Insurance & Financial Services industry. Thanks for getting to know me!

My Favorite Things:

Activity: Dance & Winterguard – WGI.org

City: London, England

Food: Mexican

Pets: Lindo (6 years old Chihuahua) & Emma (8 year old Chihuahua)

Hollywood Actor: Sandra Bullock

Non-Profit: St Jude’s Children Hospital

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About The Owner

Cathy Sink began her career in 1996, and became a Fort Myers insurance agent a year later. She is well known in the community and prides herself on not just providing her customers with proper insurance products, but exceeding their expectations with incredible service. She insists on having a friendly, qualified and licensed insurance sales agents to serve her customers. Her awards and achievements include some of the highest awards within her company for being in the top 5% of insurance sales agents in the country.

Cathy Sink

I was raised on a farm, resulting in a childhood full of responsibilities. Looking back, I realize those responsibilities helped to instill a sense of accomplishment. Today, one of the things I enjoy most is volunteer work. I am passionate about helping organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Fund, Fort Myers Police Foundation, Harry Chapin Food Bank and Angel Tree Ministry. I serve on the board of the Christian Medical Ministry, a free clinic for those who cannot afford insurance.

My husband, Rick, and I have three children — two boys and a girl. When our church was looking for a Sunday school teacher when our children were young, I volunteered. Even though our kids are grown, I still teach Sunday school to this day! Aside from volunteering, I love to travel.

I’ve represented Allstate since 1996, when I opened my first agency in Indiana. I moved to Fort Myers in 1997 to be closer to my mom after she relocated here, and it has been a wonderful place to live and work. I really appreciate the opportunity to help the people in this community as they make decisions that help protect what matters most: their family, home, car and boat.

I love being able to talk with and get to know the customers who come into my agency, located close to Verandah Country Club. Our staff is not only knowledgeable, but also dedicated and devoted to providing the highest level of customer service. Stop by and see us! We look forward to getting to know you.

My Favorite Things:

Activity: enjoying the beach, traveling, spending time with my family

City: Barcelona, Paris

Food: Anything Italian

Movie: The Green Mile

Hollywood Actor: Tom Hanks

Non-Profit: Angel Tree, Housing Authority, Wounded Warrior

Awards & Accomplishments

  1. Inner Circle Agent Multiple Years
  2. Territorial Agent of the Year Nominee (2016)
  3. Ray Lynch Award Nominee (2017)