Mortgage lenders require homeowners to have insurance, so why do nearly half of all renters nationwide refuse to carry renters insurance? Here’s a list of the top 7 reasons why carrying renters insurance in Florida is a great idea.

1 – Floods, High Winds, & Storms

According to the Weather Channel, the Fort Myers area ranked in the top 5 cities most at risk for tropical disaster. Living in paradise certainly comes with a cost, but Cathy Sink Insurance, can help protect you and the things that are most important to you. Whether it’s furniture, electronics, or clothes, your renters insurance can assist in reimbursing your personal property in the event of water-related damage, theft, vandalism, smoke, explosion, electrical surge damage, fire, lightning, winds, and hail.

2 – Your Landlord’s Insurance will not cover your personal belongings.

The landlord’s insurance will not cover your personal belongings, only the dwelling itself. If your belongings are damaged due to the landlord’s property being the cause (ie: pipes bursting and ruining your property), then there is a slight chance your property may be covered under the landlord’s insurance. This, however, often must be proven in court and can take months to conclude.

Renters Insurance is affordable and will keep you and your family protected.

Pro Tip #1: Make a List of Everything

To be safe, keep a detailed list of all of your possessions. Many insurance agents will recommend keeping a detailed list with pictures and serial numbers so that you have proof of exactly what was in your home in the event of theft or fire damage. Keep a copy of this list saved in the cloud (google drive, dropbox, icloud) or with a trusted friend or family member.

Many people mistakenly believe that their car insurance policy will cover items stolen out of the car. This is not true! Comprehensive car insurance covers damage to the vehicle itself. Renters insurance will cover your personal items stolen out of the car. For example tools, bikes, phones, etc.

4 – Fire, smoke, and sprinkler damage

Try to imagine every item you own from your computer to your mop. To Replace every item you own would be extremely expensive. You’ve spent years putting together the items you love and find most useful, don’t lose them all in an accident.

Many tenants don’t realize that fire is not the only worry. Sprinklers, smoke, and water damage from fire hoses contribute to a large majority of loss.

5 – You’re covered if your residence becomes uninhabitable.

In the event of a situation that makes where you live uninhabitable (fire, flooding, hurricane), your renters insurance can cover temporary housing and even food and other expenses that are necessary for you to live.

For example, if a hurricane demolishes the home you inhabit, your renters insurance can assist in paying for a hotel until you can either find another place to rent or until your home becomes inhabitable again. It can be very expensive and it’s typically very unexpected.

6 – The average cost of renters insurance is only $12-$25 per month.

According to Lending Tree, average Floridian renters pay $18.08 / month for their renter’s insurance. The current rates at Cathy Sink Agency are $12-14 / month. Click here to find an accurate quote in the Fort Myers area.

Pro Tip #2:

Insurance can cover your possessions in and away from your home. For example, you’re traveling and your hotel room gets broken into. Renters insurance can usually cover the cost of stolen property even in your car. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind that you won’t have to start from scratch if some or all of your belongings are damaged or stolen.

7 – Personal Liability: What does that even mean?

So.. What is that? Think of it as insurance for actions. Some examples that could be considered personal liability for a renter include:

-dog bites

-guests tripping over loose carpet

-intoxicated guests that may harm other guests/ property


Renters insurance typically covers personal liability, which will help you if someone has an accident in your home. Personal liability may protect you with financial coverage of legal fees in your defense for accidents that happen in your home.

Being involved in a lawsuit can cost thousands of dollars, having personal liability can protect you from losing everything in the event someone feels the need to falsely accuse you. Some people agree that even if you don’t think your personal property is valuable enough to insure- the liability itself is worth the cost.

Now It’s Your Turn

Less than half of renters nationwide carry renters insurance and for the cost, renters insurance with Allstate covers so much. Hopefully, you will never need it, but if you do, let Cathy Sink Insurance find a quote that will work for you.