If your boat is on the Gulf or Atlantic Coasts, you face the probability of a hurricane hitting during the second half of the year. If that happens, proper preparation is the best way to make sure that your boat remains safe. Here is some information regarding your boat insurance policy, and tips to make sure your boat stays safe.

8 Tips to Protect Your Boat

1. Begin early. Develop a comprehensive plan in advance – the sooner the better.

2. Know your boat insurance limits. Make sure you understand your boat insurance policy and marina contract. The policy may pay up to 50 percent of the cost of moving your boat before a hurricane.

3. Get on land. If you’re going to haul your boat, discuss the details with your marina in advance. Compared to boats that remain in the water, evidence indicates that boats that are stored on land are better off in a hurricane.

4. Secure your boat wisely. If you must moor your boat in the water during a hurricane, try to position it in an area where waves have the least distance to build up.

5. Use longer lines. If your boat will be secured to a piling or fixed dock that does not raise up as the water rises, you will need to use longer lines so your boat can float up as the water level rises.

6. Anchor your boat correctly. Most moorings can withstand squalls and storms, but hurricanes place a different load on the anchor rode and anchor. The best anchors are the helix kind that screws into the seabed because they hold much better than deadweight or mushroom anchors.

7. If necessary, use multiple anchors. If you need to anchor out, choose a location where there is as little fetch as possible to reduce the size of the waves. Two or even three anchors can be used.

8. Stay in the know. Become an educated storm tracker. You can find storm tracking information here.

It’s Never Too Early To Review Your Boat Insurance!

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